Sunday, May 4, 2008

So Cal

Over the past few days Karl and I parted ways. I spent two more nights in San Diego and Karl returned to L.A. to hang out with his buddies. During my last few days in So Cal I visited beautiful Coronado beach in SD, La Jolla in SD (which means "the jewel" - I like that), Tijuana just across the boarder into Mexico, and Palm Springs. San Diego is my kind of place with sunny days, cool nights (at least currently), great beaches, chilled-out personalities, and beautiful parks. I went on this terrific hike along the cliffs in La Jolla with my friend LC just before sunset. Super views of southern La Jolla and cliff walls at the water's edge which remind me of the Great Ocean Road in Australia. Palm Springs has both a unique geography and climate, at least for someone from the Northeast. Cloudless skies, 94 degrees, endless desert, and mountains. A group of us spent the day at our friend Kristin's house lounging near the pool and eating some awesome BBQ (thank you Lean!).

I realize I am using a ton of superlatives, but that is just how great the past few days have been. Best of all I was able to catch up with my college friends. So Cal is certainly the place to be, especially if you graduated from BU in 2004. What am I waiting for?? As for Karl, he will have to share his own adventures.

Two more days until Belize! ~Betsy~

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