Friday, May 9, 2008

So Much to Do, So Little Resources

Greetings from Belize. Karl has been hogging the blog space. It is my turn to share what I have been up to the past couple days.

Cornerstone has the internet set-up as of today. Yeah! That means more accessibility for both the volunteers and students. So far my days have involved getting oriented to the community and the Cornerstone facility. There are so many areas that I am needed between a poster project for a school health fair next Wednesday, researching to prepare a health & disabilities pamphlet, making a house visit to meet a disabled girl in a rural area of Belize, and preparing to begin work as a physical therapist at the public hospital here in San Ignacio. The only problem is I'm already feeling myself spreading thin and the lack of resources really places a strain on what is available to work with. Hopefully my creativity and patience will kick in to make this experience both rewarding and positive for those I work with.

Well it is 5 pm and that truly means the end of the work day here. Hopefully we will post some good pictures soon.


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